Sheena Care is the owner of Designed with Care an Ergonomics consulting business, specialising in workplace design, and function.  She is anErgonomist and building design consultant with qualifications in Health Science (ergonomics), building design and business management.

Working as a consultant within workplaces, and her love for design and problem solving, has triggered a passion for adequate consideration of people’s needs within the workplace environment; and motivated her to provide a voice for workers who rarely feel their needs and desires are valid.  She realised that there is so much opportunity for workplaces to effectively improve their business in more ways than just the obvious health and safety benefits, such as productivity, efficiency, quality, time, and money through the use of ergonomics.

She aims to raise awareness of the benefits of ergonomics , and to assist people create and maintain not only a healthy and compliant workplace, but to achieve the best results possible; by employing alternative ways of thinking, within the design and management of workplaces.

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