Hazard identification

Hazard identification enables you to focus your efforts in a prioritised way.

Some hazards are obvious, such as falls from heights, very heavy manual lifting, and electrical faults, all of which can cause immediate injuries, however it can be a little more difficult to identify hazards that tend to cause injuries over time.

This is where ergonomics can be invaluable to your business.

A consultant will meet with management, to establish the overall tasks being performed at the site.  OH&S staff will be consulted, as well as a review of relevant recording systems, and documentation.  A discomfort survey may help to determine the current state of health.  A walk through with OH&S representatives, while observing work, and asking questions from staff will occur during a normal workday at a suitable time.

Analysis of the findings will result in a safety action plan, where hazards are listed and prioritised, responsibilities are assigned, and recommended actions such as further assessment are listed.

A prioritised list of hazards with recommended actions and time frames will be received within 1 week of the walk through.  Management will assign responsibilities, and achievable time frames will be confirmed in consultation with staff.

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