Ergonomic risk assessment

An ergonomic risk assessment can be performed on one task, or a series of tasks that lead to a specific outcome.   A consultant will visit your workplace and meet with staff who perform the task being assessed.  Consultation with staff performing the task, OH&S reps, OH&S staff, and management will occur, as well as review of relevant records and documentation.

The consultant will observe the task, and ask relevant questions to get an understanding of the process, requirements, and factors involved.  Photographs areusually taken to analyse postures, and processes further, and use as a visual tool in the report.

An assessment helps determine the current state of staff health, and generates plans to fix any issues found, while also preventing issues from occurring.

A full report will be received within 1 week of the assessment.  This report will summarise the task, shows analysis, presents findings, and recommendations for you to consider within your OH&S management plan.

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