Design stage risk assessments

Following the hazard identification stage, any tasks that have been identified as involving a significant risk should be assessed adequately.

When designing a new workplace, the tasks must be understood on a sufficient level, so all the relevant aspects can be considered and included in the design.

Commonly, risk assessments are requested by workplaces following an injury or incident.  The recommendations from the risk assessment at this stage are often limited tochanges to work methods, or equipment, as opposed to changes to permanent structures in the building, no matter how preferable they are; this is mainly due to their potential cost.

When risk assessments are included in the design stage of a workplace, injuries, time and money can all be saved.  The recommendations can be included into the design if the tasks are already fully understood, the requirements are known, and relevant factors have all been used in the design process.

It is much easier to move a line on a plan than to move a wall in a building.

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